The Team

Over the years, Sai Publications has been blessed with a Team consisting of enthusiastic, committed, innovative, and fun-loving members. These students of the undergraduate and postgraduate classes of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning have converted their work into worship through:
     - their dedication to the cause,
     - their devotion to the Master,
     - while following the discipline of the Institution,
     - having the determination to reach out to the world, and
     - doing all this as the duty of a Sai Student.
These 5 D's are the hallmarks of the Sai Publications Team.

Group photos of the Teams from 2010 to 2014.

Experiences of Sai Publications Alumni

We have compiled in this section, experiences of some of the members of the Sai Publications Team who are now working in the industry. Here, they share with us what Sai Publications means to them, what they have learnt while being a part of the Sai Publications Team, and how their experience at Sai Publications is currently helping them in their corporate life.

  • Name  Sailesh Vasa
    Current Designation   Senior Software Engineer, Global Logic, Bangalore.
    Education at the Institute   B.Sc. and M.Sc (Mathematics); M.Tech (Computer Sciences).
    Department at Sai Publications   Head, Telugu and Sai Chandana Teams
    Duration at Sai Publications   7 years
    On Sai Publications   “Best years of my life were spent in the hostel, especially working for Sai Publications, right from my undergraduate days till I finished my M.Tech (Computer Sciences). While at Sai Publications, I learnt many things, be it editing, formatting, typing in vernacular languages, etc. The best thing about our Hostel’s Self-Reliance Departments is that when the senior most students leave the department, the final year students step in, take up the responsibilities and run the show. This has really helped me in my current organisation in taking more responsibilities. I also learnt about working in a team and working like one family.”

  • Name  Srihari Sridhar
    Current Designation   Senior Financial Analyst, Enterprise Change Management for Performance MI and Risk MI, Standard Chartered Scope, Chennai
    Education at the Institute   B.Sc., M.Sc. (Photonics), M.B.A
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Content and Blog Teams; Head, Operations
    Duration at Sai Publications   4 years
    On Sai Publications   “Working on Swami’s literature is perhaps one of the best gifts that Sri Sathya Sai Senior Boys’ Hostel offered me. I had an opportunity to listen to Bhagawan, understand His nectarine words and preserve them for posterity through the books that we published at Sai Publications. I am not sure if these words that we have tried to capture in the form of Books or the Blog will mean the same to everyone, because Swami’s words convey different things to different people. My only prayer is that we have made Him happy with our efforts. Even today in my daily life, I am reminded of many stories, instances and quotes of Bhagawan that I came across during my tenure with this team. These inspiring ideas come to my rescue in times of need and remind me of the timeless wisdom of my Master.”

  • Name  Dusi Sarath Chandra
    Current Designation   Design Engineer in GE HealthCare, Bangalore
    Education at the Institute   M.Tech (Computer Sciences).
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Telugu Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “My stint at Sai Publications has taught me how a collective group of individuals can work as a dedicated team, stretching themselves to their potential in learning the nuances of a time-bound project from scratch and deliver it on time. This learning has helped me in the corporate arena, as one has to stretch oneself to work on different time-bound projects.”

  • Name  Harish Arjun
    Current Designation   Senior Financial Analyst, Standard Chartered Scope International, Chennai
    Education at the Institute   MBA
    Department at Sai Publications   Head, Creative Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “By being in the creative section of Sai Publications, I had an opportunity to design cover pages, section pages, blog headers, etc. I was able to be My Master’s instrument in spreading His message by doing the best of what I could do - Photoshop! I would like to thank Sai Publications for letting me be a part of such noble work.”

  • Name  K. Vamsi Krishna
    Current Designation    Product Developer, Biginfo Labs India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
    Education at the Institute   M.Tech. (Computer Sciences)
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Telugu Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “The journey at Sai Publications has left me with innumerable happy moments that will be etched in my heart forever. The utmost satisfaction of serving the Lord through my mother tongue and being part of the first ever Telugu Team at Sai Publications is the greatest opportunity I got in my life.”

  • Name  Krishna Das
    Current Designation   Business Analyst, Mzaya Private Limited, Mumbai
    Education at the Institute   MBA
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Creative Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “I am blessed to be Swami’s instrument to spread His message through the Sai Publications Division. Working at Sai Publications taught me how to balance academics and work as both had timelines which could not be compromised. I proudly admit that my work life balance in my current organisation has enhanced with the two year learning experience that I gained at Sai Publications.”

  • Name  Nirmal Ananth
    Current Designation   Team Leader, Trayee Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
    Education at the Institute   MBA
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Creative Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “Sai Publications has taught its members - Smart work, Determination, Being Time Bound, Achieving Set Goals, Team Spirit & Team Work, Dedication, Discipline, Maternal and Paternal forms of Leadership, Being an institutional trend setter, Patience, and also to express the love we all have for Our Master. Now it gives me a great feeling and a sense of satisfaction for being (and still continue to be a) part of the Fantastic Team at Sai Publications, which has been instrumental in spreading Swami’s Mission through sharing His Message for the students and youth.”

  • Name  Harshad Raju Iyer
    Current Designation  Senior Executive (Marketing and Product), Mirae Asset and Mutual Fund, Mumbai
    Education at the Institute   B.A. and M.A. (Economics); MBA
    Department at Sai Publications   Member, Logistics Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “My experience with Sai Publications was brief but a very inspiring one. The most wonderful lesson I learnt was team work. In Sai Publications, our team used to work for a cause, not for applause. They all live life to express not to impress. They never strive to make their presence noticed, they just make their absence felt.”

  • Name  Kali Uday
    Current Designation   Software Engineer, Multicoreware India (P) Ltd, Chennai.
    Education at the Institute   B.Sc. and M.Sc (Mathematics); M.Tech (Computer Sciences)
    Department at Sai Publications  Head, IT Team
    Duration at Sai Publications   2 years
    On Sai Publications   “‘Sai Publications’ – When I think of this name I get reminded of those good old days spent for the future of the Sai Community. Sai Publications is considered to be the most privileged self-reliance department which actively endeavours in gathering and conveying Bhagawan's Message to humanity. Its members are the most fortunate ones to compile the Divine Message to the external world. I feel honoured and privileged to be part of it during my stay at Prashanti Nilayam.

    Being a Master’s student in Computer Science, I was assigned the role of IT head of Sai Publications. My role was a bit challenging and played a major role in productivity of the other teams such as the content and creative teams. My IT Team provide constant support for software and hardware infrastructure within the department. Software support included leveraging existing software according to industry standards and up scaling the overall infrastructure to facilitate the best possible environment to achieve success in fulfilling the tasks assigned.

    I was fortunate to see the selfless service rendered by students from various backgrounds while serving in the Department. My association with Sai Publications made me aware of the holy thoughts and actions of various members of the Department whose common goal is to serve their Master, the Institute and the Hostel community. The passion and aspiration to dedicate the humble service to Swami is the common attribute among the members of Sai Publications. Sometimes students had to participate in the logistics work which included carrying boxes of newly printed books weighing over 50 kgs and above. It was really heartening to witness students working selflessly with tons of enthusiasm and love towards their work. My association with Sai Publications helped me in enhancing leadership skills and dedication towards work. I especially thank our Sai Publications Team Leader for giving me the opportunity to work with the team. He set a good example by constant service and dedication to take Sai Publications to higher levels. The lessons that I have learnt working with Sai Publications have helped me in becoming a more structured and disciplined individual.”

  • Name Ch. Sai Aditya
    Current Designation   Assistant Manager (Quality), Vasan Eye Care, Chennai.
    Education at the Institute  B.Sc. (Economics); MBA
    Department at Sai Publications Member, Content Team
    Duration at Sai Publications  2 years
    On Sai Publications  “I am happy that in a small way I was able to contribute at the department in bringing a treasure of knowledge to reality in a limited period of time. A perfect team effort well prepared and guided by the Sai Publications Coordinator and other senior members transformed the department into a thriving center of constant activity – ideation, innovation and its implementation. Sai Publications is a practical example that with proper planning and dedication anything is achievable.”